BEHIND THE WHEEL (From the Right Hand Side)

All past comments from me to the contrary, y’all are a great bunch. What a terrific job everybody did putting on our Brits in the Ozarks show again this year. We didn’t have very many comment forms turned in but those that were uniformly positive about the event. Some even complimented us on, of all things, our organization. What? Our club? Organized? Must be somebody else, we wouldn’t tolerate such a thing. Thanks to the efforts of everyone we made around $13,000 for ALS this year.

What really makes it all work smoothly is that whenever you all see something that needs to be done you just go do it without waiting to be asked or, worse, hiding from it. A result of this attitude is that the Show Committee only had to meet 3 or 4 times this year to get the event together. This is a club event and without the support of you all this event would not happen. Along that line, if you have ideas or suggestions for improvement please get them to me, Doug, Rita Carney (for concessions issues) or someone else on the Show Committee. We’ll start meeting again after the first of the year and will discuss your ideas and suggestions then.

Here are a couple of things to think about for future shows. Who should our guest speaker be for 2010? One idea I had was to see if Jeff Lane from the Lane Museum in Nashville would come. Who has another idea? Who should we start planning to try to get for our 10th Anniversary car show in 2011? I would like to have someone who would be a significant draw even if we have to spend a little more. Ideas??

One thing we seem to do very well is parties. I know that I speak for at least myself and my lovely wife, Lisa, when I say that the Work Party is an event that I have started looking forward to each year because of the food. We have some folks in this club who know how to cook! Or at least have good taste in selecting that to go buy and bring. Whichever the case may be, it was good and the beer was cold. Thanks to all of you who attended and made the work party fun, efficient, and, therefore, short.

The second notable party that was the Third Friday Social Hour at the Brit Stop. This regular monthly event seems to be growing and is a very pleasant time of tire kicking, tale telling problems solving, and lie swapping. Did I mention that the beer was cold? Third Friday this month will be the 16th, so come down to YOUR club facility and enjoy. If you have not been there and need directions just ask.

Wil tells me that we don’t have a tech session lined up for this month as a) Wil is traveling and b) we seem to have other stuff booked for most of the weekends in October. Wil tells me that he would be glad to schedule time at the shop if someone has a car with a problem to solve and can meet him on a weekday in October. Also, be aware that Dennis Collins now has a shop key, lives just blocks from the shop, and is retired so has lots of time on his hands. You can call Dennis, too, if you need to use our shop facility.

October is a full month of activities. The Winery Tour is October 3rd, there is a Hog game the 10th so nothing that weekend, then Third Friday the 16th, as mentioned above, followed by a trip to Hallett for vintage racing on the 17th, and the Withrow Springs drive and picnic on the 24th. So, there is no excuse (other than a monsoon) to not get out and do at least one club activity this month.

We do have lots of hot dogs, buns, chips, snack cakes, and beverages left from the car show so the club can provide most, if not everything, needed for the Withrow picnic. Pot luck additions are always welcomed.

think that the car show produced 3 or 4 new memberships this year. Also, it has been a pleasure to have Jim Jensen who, cleverly, owns a Jensen-Healey, and Karen Brooks with her MGB join us at meetings and club events recently. Wil has already helped both of them with their cars. So, we may grow by a handful of memberships this Fall. The point of this, for me at least, is not numbers but more about awareness and resources - meaning knowledge shared by us and with us - and spreading the gospel of the hobby. The more folks know about us the more folks we can help with our pool of knowledge and, therefore, the more of these funny little cars we can keep alive. The more folks know about us the better shot our spouses have at selling our cars after we cash it in. The more members we get the better chance I have that somebody will want to be President for Life!!! (response to this will tell me if anybody actually reads this column).

Anyway, I think our little group has a lot to offer in knowledge, expertise, and friendliness. So, welcome newcomers when you see them.

Thanks again for all that you all do to make the club and our events successful and for not taking yourselves too seriously in the process. Now, get your car running and join us on an event in October.
Bill Watkins

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